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At Mozilla, we believe that learning happens over the course of a lifetime and frequently beyond the classroom. With the support of the MacArthur Foundation, we’ve built the Open Badges Infrastructure, which makes it possible for badges issued by different companies and communities to be interoperable and shareable across the web.
People and organizations with content to share align their badges with the open standard, which makes it possible for someone who sees Open Badges to discover the criteria and evidence behind them. Learners around the world are using these portable badges to realize increased learning and professional opportunities.


Discover & share information about badge system creation.

Hundreds of organizations and individuals have designed and issued Open Badges. They include educators, multinational companies, non-profits, industry alliances, and people interested in professional development.
The curriculum that their badges represent include a huge variety of skills, competencies, and interests. You too can create badges for your community members and try the visual design exercises in this video. And stay tuned for a design toolkit launching soon!


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